S12 Doctors and Approved Clinicians Mental Health Act Approvals Database

This database will give you the approval status for Section 12(2) approved doctors and Approved Clinicians (AC) in England. It is updated daily and contains information such as their expiry date and contact details.

If you notice any incorrect contact details, inform your Local Approval Panel administrator so amendments can be made.

You can use the Reports tab to print reports about your area of Approved Clinician and Section 12(2) approved doctors.

For more information about how to use this database, read the User instructions on the side panel.

You need to register for your own individual login account to access this database. Your access will be removed if you share your login details.

You should treat any information on this database in line with your organisation's Data Protection Policy. The data should only be used in connection with Section 12(2) and Approved Clinician work. It should not be used for marketing or any other purposes. Any information held on the database should only be distributed to authorised parties.